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The leather goods shop Campagni 1929

Just being a bit different from the others, that is the spirit of leather goods store Campagni in Siena. In Via Pianigiani 10, right next to the main street Via Banchi di Sopra, Campagni has been opened in the year 1929, starting with a production of handmade, artisanal hats of international fame. After having become a well-known and typical store in the historical heart of Siena, as well as a symbol of originality and quality, today Campagni 1929 is able to keep up with modern times: the store sells nowadays mainly leather goods from Italian brands, trying to avoid though to become like so many other less unique, more classic Tuscan leather stores.

The small shop, with its own intimate atmosphere, with character and personality, offers different brands like Mywalit, Gabs, Bruno Carlo and many others. Mywalit from Lucca is known because of their collection of most colorful wallets and bags, that make you smile if you only look at them! Gabs is an Italian company that produces funny and practical bags, that change shape, so that you can create the bag you prefer: this way, you can have a different bag for different occasions. Bruno Carlo produces original and high-quality gloves in very soft leather: a real treat for your eyes and hands.

Whether you are looking for yourselves or for a gift, it is really worth it stopping at Campagni 1929! Our kind and professional staff will be glad to show you all our original products...

The leather goods shop Campagni 1929, Louis Ciocchetti, Jewellery Monnetti: what do these 3 stores have in common?
First of all, years of experience and tradition in commerce in the historical center of Siena (Louis Ciocchetti has been opened in the year 1887) and second...
The desire to be different, to distinguish themselves in a world full of franchising and uniformity, by maintaining the unique and traditional Italian character of each shop.

That is why these 3 stores have decided to work together, creating one unique store on-line that offers you the best quality and originality...

Our leather goods shop in Via Pianigiani in Siena, Tuscany Italy